In the Fall, we offer speed clinics on Tuesdays and Saturdays for athletes in grades 3-8.

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For high school athletes, we will offer group drop-in training throughout the school year. To view the current schedule click here

Our Speed Training Explained

Many coaches and trainers say “speed kills.”  Throughout my years as a football and basketball coach/trainer, I have seen this to be true.  As a result, BAT spent the last 4 years researching, building and creating an elite speed program for our athletes.

As with our other training programs, a trial session begins with an evaluation of the client’s speed.  This focuses on his/her acceleration, top speed, stride length and frequency.  We also look at an athlete’s change of direction, balance and foot speed.  From a body mechanics standpoint, I am identifying strong and weak points, muscular imbalances and general flexibility of those key joints involved with speed and power production.  

When you sign up for one of our packages, you will have gain access to some of BAT’s speed workouts with no added cost.  The program includes workouts for 12+ weeks and even includes a sample strength regiment.  The workouts will be a combination of sessions with me and a sample speed + weight lifting program to guide you on your own workouts. Following the program correctly has resulted in dozens of athletes making improvements in various speed and agility markers such as the 40 yard dash, 100 meter sprint and various shuttle tests.

Unique to our program

  1. Body mechanics evaluation to facilitate teaching of the various exercises.
  2. Use of proven running mechanics exercises: functional quick feet/high knees, heels runs, bounding, single leg bounding, A skips, leaning starts and stop and several more.
  3. Use of video to improve arm drive, analyze stride length, identify points of emphasis and more.
  4. Similar to our other training programs, the speed program has been developed from years of studying the body, training, researching the best programs in the country and implementing new exercises that have been proven to work in our own program.  

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