Individualized Training Programs

Group Training for all ages! First class is $30!

New Client Offer: First 1:1 Session for $60!

Year-round football training


Football Training

Boston Athletic Training Football

Football Training

Football Training includes everything from speed & agility to strength training and the fundamentals of each position.

Speed Training

Boston Athletic Training Speed Training

Speed Training

Our advanced speed program is the result of years of research and development.

Strength & Conditioning

Boston Athletic Training Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning

Our S&C Program is individualized and has been proven to help athletes of all ages and abilities.

Basketball Training

Boston Athletic Training Basketball

Basketball Training

Basketball training combines skill based development with athleticism. 1-1 and group training available.

Virtual Training

Virtual Training

Virtual sessions give athletes the opportunity to train with BAT from the comfort of their homes.


BAT consists of knowledgeable coaches who are passionate about the athletic development of our clients. With different backgrounds and specialties, we offer the complete tool kit for our athletes to unlock their true potential!
Boston Athletic Training Coach Chaim

Coach Chaim

Chaim is the founder of BAT and specializes in speed training and leads the football and basketball based programs.
Boston Athletic Training Coach Eli

Coach Eli

Eli is BAT’s Head Strength Coach and is a dedicated personal trainer since 2013.
Boston Athletic Training Coach Kenny

Coach Kenny

Kenny is our Corrective Exercise Specialist and a key member of the HS Football program.

Who do we train?

Boston Athletic Training (BAT) accepts clients in Boston, and areas outside of the city like Newton, Brookline, West Roxbury/Roxbury, Brockton, Wellesley, Needham, Weston and Dover. We offer both sports specific training and S&C / speed programs for all skill levels. Here is a brief breakdown of these programs:


Football training will include a lot of position-specific fundamentals. We have athletes go through an athletic combine and a basic skills evaluation and plan their training accordingly.


At Boston Athletic Training, we will emphasize the basics and work through all the skills to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.


Our speed program is highly technical and has been developed over the last 5 years! We have taken drills from the best of the best speed trainers and have them sorted out by age and ability.


The BAT S&C program is not a one size fits all plan. Instead, we assess your abilities and body mechanics and come up with a customized plan to maximize your workouts.

Training Videos

Check out these videos below to see what kind of drills we do at Boston Athletic Training.