What are the benefits of training with Boston Athletic Training?

Increased power, speed and agility

These 3 elements are key to success for all football and basketball players. It is crucial for all athletes to develop their athletic ability, but the time to really reinforce this would be the off-season, when their bodies aren’t dealing with the normal wear and tear of practices and games.  Your body can make significant athletic gains in the 12-18 year old age range in the off-season when you stick with a structured, scientifically proven program. 

In our speed program, our committed athletes have improved on their 40-yard dash times by an average of .2 seconds within 8 weeks. We have also seen significant improvements on commonly measured shuttle tests in this time period, one being up to .5 seconds on the 60-yard shuttle.

Sport specific improvement

We emphasize the fundamentals and have drills for all levels including those aiming to play collegiate and pro ball. A big part of the football and basketball training programs is working on your positional skills.  We get heavy into the skill acquisition portion of training in the 12 weeks leading up to your season. In season – we will work on fine-tuning a specific part of the athlete’s game that they need the most work on. 

Body mechanics

At BAT, we emphasize using ideal body mechanics with each exercise and we teach athletes about how their bodies work, so they can train on their own. At BAT, we emphasize teaching.  We don’t expect adults to do things just because you tell them to and we try to treat our kids/athletes the same way.  We really take our time with each drill/exercise and then have athletes describe what they are feeling/experiencing. We also use video to support our teaching (more on this in the next section).  In addition to teaching kids about their bodies, we emphasize teaching them the ins and outs of the sport they play. I have heard from many of the parents/athletes themselves that they applied some of the feedback they received from BAT to the next game they played in! 

Film study

We will record some of the key drills that you are performing and then review that with you to help you make the correct adjustments. We provide a proven workout program that comes with lots of details and even video of the different exercises for our athletes.

Free workouts

When you sign onto a multi-session pack, you will have access to some of our best “at home” workouts for speed/agility and vertical jump. We provide a proven workout program that comes with lots of details and videos of the different exercises for our athletes.  In 2016, I created both a speed and power program and the results in 2017 were outstanding. Programs of this nature are typically $200+ per program, but for our athletes, the speed and power programs are free when you train with us!  We want our athletes working out on their own, since we know they will make the most growth with 5-6 workouts per week versus just 1-2x with us.

Small group sessions

We have many group sessions going on each week.  These allow for the quality of 1:1 training while opening up more game-situation drills and competition for the athletes. Once an athlete has done some 1:1 training and has a strong grasp of their own strengths and limitations, we recommend they start to train in small groups.  In group training, athletes will be able to compete in drills not available in private training and also compete against other athletes. Many times there will be a very advanced athlete in the group and this actually helps all of the other athletes make improvements. This way you are always being challenged. For the very advanced athlete, we will be able to challenge you by increasing the difficulty of the given drills.