Private Training 

Private Sessions are 1:1 and last 45 minutes.

  • Trial session: $60 — can only be purchased one time
  • Single session: $100
  • 4 pack: $375
  • 8 pack: $700
  • 28 pack: $2,000

Group Training

Groups typically consist of 2-6 athletes and sessions range from 60-120 minutes depending on the age and time of year.

  • Single session: $70
  • 4 pack: $260
  • 8 pack: $480
  • 12 pack: $660

Summer Packages:

Option A = $480 for 8 group sessions

Option B = $850 for 16 group sessions 

Option C = $1,100 for 24 group sessions

Option D = $1,750 for unlimited group sessions (+4 bonus 1:1 sessions with Coach C*)

Sessions are valid from 6/3/19 – 8/30/19 and they cannot be carried over into the Fall.  Each group session includes either skills-based training (basketball or football), speed/strength and conditioning, or a combination of both types of training. Groups will be set according to age (8-11, 12-14 and 15-18).

*Bonus sessions are included if you register by May 15, 2019.  The bonus S&C sessions will typically be run by Coach Eli and will focus on speed, strength, conditioning or a combination of two of those elements.  

Our Schedule This Week:

Looking to set-up a 1:1 session?  Check out our Schedule for Private Sessions

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Summer Schedule: Click here for Summer Training Schedule

To find out more about Training Modes and the difference between Group and Individual training sessions, click here

Payment Methods:  BAT accepts Credit and Debit card payments through our booking/scheduling software.  We also accept Venmo and Check for clinics and programs.