BAT began with just Coach Chaim in 2012.  After 5 years in the coaching world, he began training athletes, while in college earning his BS in Exercises Science.  In 2016, he founded the company Boston Athletic Training. Fast forward to 2018 and we now have 5 coaches on board!

Coach Chaim:

As stated above, Coach Chaim is the founder and owner of Boston Athletic Training.  As a trainer, he has completed 1500+ training sessions and has worked with over 300 athletes in both private and small group settings.  Additionally, Chaim have been a football and basketball coach for 11 years and has worked at all levels during that time, including pop warner, middle school, JV, Varsity and lastly a semi-pro team.  Chaim has adapted many of the best exercises and drills in the training world from world class trainers and has also developed several new drills that work off established principles. One of Chaim’s main goals over the last 3 years, has been to provide a complete program that supports athletes year-round in their development.  We are happy to state that the program is complete and we have an established set of workouts to support our athletes, even when they can’t come train with us.

Coach Chaim’s accolades via Coachup:

  • #1 Ranked Football Trainer in MA.
  • #2 Ranked Basketball Trainer in MA.
  • #2 Ranked Speed Trainer in the country.
  • #2 Ranked Football Trainer in the country.

Coach Eli:

Eli’s background is that of an athlete is his high school days and a personal trainer for the past 5 years! His specialties are in strength training and conditioning and thus he is our S&C coach.  His personal fitness goals as a young man were to achieve a high percentage of muscle and be as fit as he can to maintain vitality as he grows older. He has a very strong understanding of the body and the primary exercises needed to train correctly.  Fun tidbit – he is Chaim’s brother!

Coach Andy:

Andy has been training with Coach Chaim since 2015 and is one of our most accomplished football players. Considering his experience training with BAT (over 250 sessions), he was a natural fit to assist in our sessions.  He understands so much about how the body works and can teach technique in so many of the drills that we run. Andy has committed to play football for Wake Forest in 2019! We still look forward to having him train with us and having him on the staff in the months he is Boston

Coach Scott:

Scott Prince is a former college basketball player and has been coaching the middle-school and JV basketball teams at Milton Academy since 2009.  He is a great coach with so much wisdom to share with the kids. He has an exuberant, passionate coaching style which the athletes always love and BAT is certainly fortunate to have him on the staff!  He primarily only trains when we hold clinics, but will look to have him help out more, as numbers increase in our group training in 2019.

Coach Daylon:

Daylon is the newest member of the BAT team.  Daylon has been training with Chaim for 1.5 years and has made serious progress during that time.  He is star varsity player for Milton High School. He just joined the BAT staff during this fall (2018), to help out with BAT’s fall basketball clinic and is amazing with the kids.  Like Andy, he shares the athletes perspective on training and has bring so much to the team with his friendly personality and focus on the details. BAT is lucky to have Daylon on the team as both an athlete and coach and he will be a great resource for our athletes for years to come!