Football Training

“An Individualized Approach to Each Athlete”

OUR FOOTBALL program typically starts with a 1:1 session to evaluate a client’s athletic ability and general football skills.  For athletic ability, we look primarily at an athlete’s speed, ability to change direction, strength (upper and lower body) and general conditioning.  The testing includes many of the same exercises that you see in the NFL combine: 40 yard dash, short shuttle, 60 yard shuttle, broad jump and the vertical jump.  For position-specific skills, we utilize a handful of drills that are typically done in football camps and at practice.

AT THE END of the trial session, we will go over my evaluation and see how you stack up against those in your relative age and position.  We will then formulate a plan that focuses primarily on improving your weaknesses (athletically and from a position standpoint). You will receive a few videos of your trial session, a sample workout and general advice.

IF YOU decide to keep training with BAT, we offer both 1:1 training and group training in everything from the skills side of things to speed/agility and strength training. Private sessions typically last either 45 minutes, focusing on the biggest needs of the athlete.  For some this means 75% focus on speed and footwork and 25% skills, while others may need 75% skills and 25% power or conditioning.  

What is unique to my BAT’s Football Training Program?

  1. Customized Training Program – All of our athletes will be put on a plan that is specific to their needs.  The program is not a one size fits all and accommodates to a variety of ages and abilities.
  2. Film Study – A handful of the drills/exercises we do each session will be filmed.  You will have access to this film and should study the film to improve form.
  3. Year-round training at multiple locations, both indoor and outdoor.
  4. Group Training – Sessions emphasize speed and explosiveness, as well as game-situation drills.
  5. Complete Commitment – We spend countless hours each year studying drills, reviewing programs from other professionals and watching game film.  This is done for the sole purpose of offering the highest quality program to our athletes.  We have worked with all positions and have dozens of athletes that have remained with us for 2+ years now!

Elite Winter Training for our H.S. Football Players:

Winter 2019-2020:

BAT’s Elite Winter Training Program Overview:

Dates:  12/2 – 3/29 (excluding 12/23 – 1/1)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Days:  M/W/TH from 5-7 PM / Saturday’s from 2:30 – 4:30  / Sunday’s from 10 AM – 12 PM                                                                                                                                                        Who: All HS Athletes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Locations:    1. 140 Gould street, Needham.  (most workouts will be held here)                                                                                                                                                                                                                   2. 290 Vanderbilt ave, Norwood  (Speed and Skills workouts held here)    


  • Practice Pass (4 Pack) = $260 ($65/session)
  • Part-Time Pass (8 Pack) = $480 ($60/session)
  • 1/4 Season Pass (16 Pack) = $800 ($50/session)
  • Half Season Pass (34 Pack) = $1,320 ($40/session)
  • Full Season Pass (Unlimited) – $2,350 ($30/session)

*Athletes can sign-up for any of the session on our schedule, but sessions in these packages are only valid for the date period posted above

What does the program include: 

  1. Intense lifting routine that focuses on putting muscle on and increasing power and speed.  These lifts will be designed by Coach Eli with input from Chaim. We will be leading many of the lifts for athletes on the max session option, but will be providing full access to these lifts to those who can only attend 1-2x each week.
  2. BAT proven speed workouts in these sessions and instruction for “at home” training for those athletes who are unable to make it to our sessions. These speed workouts will be a combination of all types of band training, ladders and occasionally the speed treadmill at the Norwood location (This will be the only time kids should bring cash to a session – $10/kid to utilize the treadmill).
  3. Individualized plyometric routines designed to increase explosiveness, vertical jump and complete body control.    
  4. Skills based training will be included on weekends primarily and will be position specific and include some game situations, as well.                                                                 
  5. Coach Support on every facet of training the body and football and this includes everything from teaching football IQ to stretching routines to nutrition.  Coach Chaim has added coaches the last 2 years to best support the program.  The lifting program is run by our Head Strength Coach Eli Andler.

2018 Recap:

The 2018 training season was defined by hard work and gains!  We had 10-15 H.S. athletes consistently training with our knowledgeable coaches.  All of our athletes made gains in the weightroom, with some improving by 25-35% on major lifts such as the Squat, Deadlift, Overhead Press and Bench.  Our athletes also made improvements with linear speed measured by the 40 dash and with their quickness – measured by various shuttles.  Many of our athletes noted vastly improved hip strength and overall explosiveness, leading to several earning varsity spots at the HS level and playing time for our college bound athletes.