We offer multiple skills clinics for all ages throughout the school year.

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At BAT, we offer both private and group training for basketball players.  We work with boys and girls of all ages and cater to those of all levels.  So whether you are new to game or are very advanced, we’ll help you take your game to the next level! 

Overview of BAT’s Group Based Programs:

At Boston Athletic Training, we offer basketball programs year-round.  For our youth group (ages 7-12),  we host 90 minute clinics on Saturday mornings that emphasize the fundamentals of the game in a fun environment.  For our M.S. and H.S. athletes, we host small group training sessions in the fall and spring.  These small group sessions allow for a competitive, yet fun atmosphere as well as feedback for each athlete.  In our M.S. group sessions, we emphasize shooting form, dribbling with the off hand and how to move without the ball in game situations.  Our H.S. sessions are highly competitive with an emphasis on more advanced fundamentals and how to play lockdown defense.  Both the MS and HS sessions will also involve some speed drills and a vertical jump component since those are 2 key athletic skills for basketball players.  Besides for our group based programs, we offer several 1-1 slots on a weekly basis.  For our youngest clients, we recommend a 4 pack of 1-1 sessions and then primarily clinics after that.  For our older athletes, we recommend a mix of 1-1 and small group sessions.  

Private Basketball Training

STEP ONE is a 1:1 session to evaluate the player’s strengths and weaknesses. We will be testing speed, lateral movement, endurance and strength for the first 20 minutes of the session.  The majority of the session focuses on an athlete’s ability to attack the basket, shooting form, ball handling and defense.

AT THE END of the session, we will review how you did, including strengths and weaknesses.  We always prefer to hear what the athlete thinks of their own abilities and what they struggle with in 5v5 games (since we haven’t seen them play yet).  You will leave with a detailed report on the athlete’s shooting form and video analysis (explained below).

BEYOND THE trial session, many of our basketball players train 1x per week in the winter and spring and then ramp this up to 2 times per week in the summer.  We recommend most basketball players (ages 12+) to train in small groups after completing a few 1:1 sessions.  Group sessions allows athletes to work on more team oriented skills (passing and defense especially) and also improve their basketball IQ. 

THERE ARE many things that we do which are unique to basketball training.  You probably won’t see many of these drills used by other trainers, as we create my drills based on our knowledge of body mechanics, the importance of quickness and vertical power and commitment to the basics!

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What makes BAT different when it comes to basketball training?

  1. Shot Analysis – We use video of you shooting the basketball from various angles and then narrate into the video an evaluation of your shot.  Using this video, we will teach you how to adjust your shot accordingly and practice this correct form on your own!
  2. Independent Training – A big focus of ours is to teach athletes the correct techniques and then show them drills to practice on their own.  Basketball is a game that requires hours of practice, so you will need to practice your game on your own and we give you the tools to make that practice purposeful!
  3. Vertical / First Step Quickness Drills – Many of our drills will focus on helping the athlete improve on key athletic skills needed to be a better basketball player.  We have had dozens of players improve their vertical jumps by 5+ inches in just 3 months.
  4. Commitment to the Fundamentals – We have countless drills for all levels (including beginners, middle-school athletes and high school standouts). Regardless of your level though, we will always remain committed to the fundamentals!  At BAT, we emphasize being catch ready, court spacing, finishing strong at the basket, using the opposite hand and playing tough defense.

Boston Athletic Training offers many services including: Private and group sessions for our sports-specific training (basketball and football). We also offer private sessions for both strength & conditioning and our speed program with some group programs for those training modes in the summer season.

You can also learn more about the differences between how 1:1 training works versus group-based training.