Below are some of the most frequently asked questions from clients and potential athletes that train:

  1. Where does the training take place? During the warmer months (April-October) we use outdoor parks in both Newton and South Boston as our primary locations. In November – March, we use indoor locations in Waltham and Norwood.
  2. Is the training outdoors or indoors? In the winter months, we are at 2 indoor locations.  During the warmer months, most of our training happens outdoors to limit scheduling issues and the cost for the clients and BAT.  When it rains, we try to move basketball training to our indoor spot in Waltham. Football training will often still be in of it’s drizzling outside, but we will reschedule if it’s more of a downpour.     
  3. How do I get started training with you? To get started training with us, all you need to do is click on the sign-up today button on the homepage and purchase a trial session with a note requesting a date / time that you want to train at using our normal business hours.  If you are unsure and want to speak with us directly, just click on the contact me button, also on the homepage and we will get back to you quickly to discuss your training needs.
  4. How do I know if private training or group training makes more sense for me? This can be tricky, as group training is not for everyone.  I always recommend that you start with the trial sessions, which is a private session with Coach Chaim.  I have been training athletes since 2012 and have worked with so many athletes over years, so I am prepared to handle all types of athletes.  After the trial session, I will be able to recommend which training mode makes the most sense for you.
  5. What happens if I need to cancel a session? The cancellation policy is 24 hours notice or we have to charge the session.  Ideally, we don’t have to cancel/reschedule sessions, but things come up and we understand.  We do maintain the 24 hour policy, because we are blocking off that time from others and we plan for these sessions in advance.
  6. With so many training programs out there, why should I choose BAT? While there are many programs out there, BAT has some very unique features that most, if not all, programs do not include.  The main reason you should train with BAT is our coaching staff. Chaim has trained 100’s of athletes including kids as young as 7 and elite athletes who are playing D1 college ball.  We have a highly developed speed program that is scientifically based and proven with our athletes. Additionally, we have other coaches (some of which are current athletes of BAT) who bring expertise to our sessions (especially in the summer – our busiest season).  We give our clients access to free “at home” speed and power workouts, so that they can train hard and smart even when they cant train with us. We take video of several drills at our sessions for athletes to review with coach support. Lastly, BAT establishes a real connection with our athletes and this includes following up with calls and texts to see how they’re doing and coming to games when our schedule allows.     
  7. What is the best way for me to hear about what BAT has going on year-round?  Check out our Newsletter.  Coach Chaim typically send out an email every week to keep you in the loop and with special offers! 

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