Andy Elkins:

Andy came to me at age 15, when he was preparing to enter his freshman year at BB&N.  Andy was very enthusiastic about playing football and made it clear that he wanted big things for himself in the sport of football.  He also recognized that he wasn’t a superior athlete and would need to work really hard to achieve his goals of playing college football and perhaps playing in the NFL.  We worked 3-4x per week from April of 2015 until September and he made incredible progress athletically and with his route running during that time. He played JV to start his freshman year, but was on the sidelines for varsity games as well and even caught a TD  in varsity game that year. The next year, we got to work in the spring again and he trained hard until the season began. He started as a freshman, caught over 30 passes and had 5 TD’s that season. The next 2 years, he would train with me in the winters and took that next step in his athletic development.  Andy runs elite combine times, including a 4.56 forty-yard dash time (down from 5.5 as a freshman). This past summer, he dominated the competition in his 2 major camps (Wake Forest and Stanford). As a result, he got the offer to come play for Wake and he ACCEPTED! Andy has big goals and with his natural ability to catch the ball mixed with his passion and work ethic, the sky’s the limit.  Playing in the NFL is his dream and BAT believes we can get him there!


JJ Bussgang:

JJ’s family reached out to me via CoachUp in the summer of 2012, just as I started training athletes.  JJ was a 12 year-old at that time and new to the game of football. They figured that a few sessions would be great to help JJ along.  He was not a very good athlete when we started training, but had an amazing attitude and an unbelievable work ethic. He had a background in martial arts, was naturally strong and liked being physical, so I figured we could use his mental toughness and likeness to physicality and turn him into a solid football player.  He had some success that season and even started on defense in the last few games of his 7th grade year. The following year he grew quite a bit, trained a lot with me and had a dominant season on his 8th grade AYF Team. After that, he transferred to Milton Academy for high school. He began lifting seriously as a freshman, was one of the best JV players that year and continued training for agility and line technique with me in spring and summers.  He started on the offensive line as a sophomore and then was all-league as a junior and senior. Following his junior year, Bowdoin offered him to come play football and he committed! This fall, he earned a starting spot on the offensive line as a true freshman. JJ is a great example of how work ethic and passion can lead to amazing things. Most 5”2, 12 year-old’s who aren’t great athletes don’t become college football players, but our guy JJ has made it and he continues to impress. 


Connor Strickland:

Connor started with me as an 10 year-old in 2014.  He came to me as a 2 sport athlete (football and basketball) with the initial goal of preparing for his upcoming football season.  We identified that Connor was a good athlete with some natural abilities. Like most young athletes though, he wasn’t fundamentally sound, so we initially focused on improving his ball carrier skills (cuts, running low etc.) and ball skills (routes and catching the ball) and tackling as well.  Connor and I had a connection right away and I could tell how much he loved the 2 sports he was playing. I knew immediately that Connor would be with me for years to come. The next 2 years, Connor had a lot of success both on the football field scoring 10+ TD’s a season and on the basketball court dishing out assists and impressing coaches with his defense.  Fast forward to today and Connor is a freshman at BC High. He is still playing both sports and is currently starting at Wide Receiver on the freshman football team. He will play basketball, as well, and it looks like that will be the sport he excels at the most in high school career. His fundamentals are impressive, he can hit floaters with relative ease and has shown a lot of growth his his jump shot.  The future looks bright for Connor and We can’t wait to see the big things he will do over the next 4+ years.


Brendan Mannion:

Brendan came to me in the spring of 2017 with the motivation to make the St. Amselm Football team.  The school gave him an offer to come tryout for the team based on his size and performance as a high school lineman.  Brendan came in with an awesome personality, but was very out of shape, not quick enough and certainly not strong enough to play on the line for a college program.  He was frustrated by his testing numbers, but was hungry to work out with me. For the next 4 months, we trained 2 or 3 times every week with an emphasis on agility, balance, conditioning and technique.  We also put him on a regular lifting program to follow with some guidance from an experienced lifter at his gym. Brendan made tremendous improvement across the board and earned a spot with the team as a freshman.  In fact, he beat out a senior for the 2nd string left tackle position and even earned some playing time that year. Fast forward to the spring of 2018 and Brendan started at left tackle in the teams spring game and had the best game of his career, following all of his assignments and moving defenders with ease.  At this point, Brendan was more than 40% stronger than the previous year! He came back to me in the early part of summer in 2018 ready to train and prepare for his sophomore year. While he came back to me strong and confident in his game, he was very out of shape and struggled to make it through our first 5 sessions.  But, Brendan never gave up and knew what he needed to do to get back into football shape. We emphasized conditioning and strengthening the hips to maximize his power on blocks all summer. Nearing August, he passed all of the conditioning tests with ease and came to his teams camp ready to go. He was absolutely dominating the first 2 weeks of practice until he unfortunately blew out his knee.  Brendan got surgery 2 days after that and is now on the path to recovery. Brendan and I have been speaking a lot and his mindset is to get back by the spring and then train like a madman to be even better than before. Brendan is an amazing person and a great football player and the future looks bright!   – there are 3 athletes in this picture (he’s the big one!)


Chris M:

Chris started with in June of 2018 as a 16 year-old entering his junior year at Newton South.  The family relayed to me that he had been playing ball for several years, but had only played Junior Varsity.  He told me he wanted to take his game to the next level and compete on his schools Varsity team in 2019. After the evaluation session, we went over strengths and weaknesses.  His strengths were his dribbling, court vision and his height (6”2). The weaknesses were plentiful though and included his lack of agility, vertical jump, jump shot and general physicality.  My assistant, Andy, was able to block many of his shots and push him around on the court with ease. We spoke about him training consistently through the summer with a strong emphasis on his agility and vertical.  Over the first 6 weeks of his program, Chris trained intensely and followed by “at home” workouts. He improved on his vertical by 4 inches, made significant gains with his footwork and was much more aggressive on his takes to the rim.  He noted that he was playing better in his tournaments and did extremely well in the big tourney he had in Orlando. With all of the vertical and agility gains, we noticed that he was hitting his jump shot more consistently. The primary reason for this was not related as much to our shooting work in sessions, but rather the lift he was getting off the ground.  This was especially noticeable on his three point shots. Fast forward to the fall of 2018 and Chris is like a new person from when we started just months ago. He has a weekly session with Daylon, another very talented athlete and coach of BAT, and is the best player on his AAU team. He’s able to dunk now, grab more rebounds and generally able to play with a high level of competition.  Can;t wait to see how he plays this year for his school team.

Alvin, Xzavier and Ben (Mini BAT-letes):

Here are 3 awesome kids who started with me early in 2018.  All 3 of these kids (ages 9-11) asked their parents about signing up to train for football.  For starters, that told me a lot. I rarely get kids younger than 14 who are hungry for training and ask their parents to sign them up.  These three kids began their journey with private training, so they would work me 1:1 on everything from agility to QB and WR techniques.  They all made significant progress on both the fundamentals of the game and with their agility. In July of 2018, I had them all train together a number of times to help them prepare for their upcoming seasons by focusing primarily on their positions and overall conditioning.  Needless to say these kids are all having tremendous seasons. Xzavier, age 9, is playing with mostly 10 year-olds and is a mini-Marshawn Lynch scoring multiple TD’s every game! Alvin (age 10) has been one of the best players on his squad despite his lack of size and has played all over the field for his team and even has thrown a few TD’s despite not playing QB before.  Lastly, Ben who plays on the Newton 6th grade team took over the starting QB position from a kid who has been starting at QB for 3 years and has been on fire all season, throwing 2 TD’s a game and being a great leader. BAT is very lucky to have 3 stars in the program and look forward to working with them throughout their careers!


Daylon Trotman:

Daylon came to train with me at the end of his freshman year.  His mom explained where Daylon was at with his basketball career.  He was a very athletic guard who had a lot of success in his early years playing basketball, but was currently struggling with his game for a variety of reasons.  He had no confidence in his shooting, was struggling with his off hand and generally not finishing near the rim on his attacks to the hole. We focused primarily on shooting, dribbling and finishing that whole summer to correct those issues.  A few months into our training, Daylon was consistently knocking down mid range jumpers and using his off hand in his summer league games. After a few months, we shifted to combo sessions where we would do skills and athletic development to increase his explosiveness and vertical jump.  By the end of the summer in that first year, Daylon had added 4 inches to his vertical and decreased all of his speed times by 10% or greater. His first step became so quick, I could no longer guard him in sessions. In his sophomore year he made the jump to Varsity and by the middle of the year, Daylon was a starter for the team and having a lot of success on the court.  Daylon has stuck with the program and works out nearly every day to continue increasing his vertical and overall explosiveness. We train weekly and those sessions are with another rising Junior. These 2 battle it out at each session to make each other better and it’s working! Daylon is poised to have a breakout Junior year and start to garner some serious college looks. We can’t wait for this upcoming season!