• Excellent coach. Builds rapport with athlete and is both knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  (Vlad B.)
  • Great communication with my son. I enjoyed his calm, direct style. My son is looking forward to more sessions.  (Jeffrey G)
  • I got the trial session to see if Coach Chaim was a good for with my son. In that time, with the small corrections Coach Chaim made I saw an improvement in my son’s performance. I will definitely be signing up for more sessions.  (Jeanne F)
  • Great coach! After two sessions, we are already seeing a difference in the play of our son. Great job! (Jaime)
  • Coach Chaim is a wonderful coach. He knows what to work on by assessing skills prior to teaching new ones. My son has learned a lot from him in just a couple of sessions. (Sandy F)
  • I wished I had worked with him earlier. Knows exactly what I need to work on to be successful at my position, and works with me to get there.  (Lekan A)
  • Great communication and knows his stuff. Works well with kids and very professional. Pleasure to work with.  (George C)
  • Great, young and enthusiastic coach. He comes up with his own drills, which are helpful at improving different skills. He is willing to adapt to the different clients that he has and is fit to coach anyone to their needs.  (JC Ralph)
  • Great session. Coach jumped right in and began making adjustments to my son’s techniques. We will certainly continue to work with Coach Chaim.  (Dana)
  • Thoughtful knowledgeable and patient. 3 key qualities for any top notch coach. Chaim was a pleasure to work with.  (Max)
  • Chaim was terrific – he was very knowledgeable about football fundamentals, fun to work with, and helped my son progress to the next level in a very short time. We can’t wait to work with him again! (Jeff B)
  • Coach C has really helped me improve my speed and agility this past summer.  He always brings energy and passion to each session and has taught me how to have a strong work ethic (Garvin M)


Football Specific:

George Chafin reviewed Boston Athletic Training5 star

Started my 8 yr old son with Andler a year ago and could not be happier with the production. And most of all my son loves going, and believe me they are working hard at getting better from the inside out. Great product Andler is and a real master at his craft. We LOVE IT!!


Nate Stewart  recommends Boston Athletic Training.

Thank you so much Coach Chaim for working with me this off season. I have improved so much by working with you. Before my hips were barely able to even kettlebell swing 45 pounds, but now my hips are much stronger, faster, and explosive. I am also much faster and stronger thanks to your amazing drills and coaching. One of my football coaches recently said to me “Nate I can tell you’ve been putting in work this summer, it is night and day”. I was a swing player last year but now I am starting on Varsity. I couldn’t have done it without you and I will for sure be seeing you this summer.

Sherri Barger Athanasia  recommends Boston Athletic Training:

One of my son’s friends recommended Chaim Andler to him for sports training over the summer. He started working with BAT to improve his football skills and overall athletic performance. Within weeks, he saw significant improvement in his speed, skill, and consistency. He began the season well prepared and in great shape. Coach Andler and his team design workouts that get results. He is highly knowledgeable and is incredibly invested in each student-athlete he coaches. He communicates with my son to see how things are going, shows up at games and is genuinely interested in his progress. My son and I happily recommend Chaim and the team at BAT to anyone who wants to take their game, athletic ability, and fitness to the next level.

Jill Stewartto Boston Athletic Training:

My 16 year old son trained with Coach Chaim for 3 months over the summer to increase his speed, strength, and skills in preparation for football. Chaim works with his athletes in small groups, giving them individual instruction, position specific drills, and measurable goals to help each athlete realize their potential on the field. After only a few weeks, my son gained meaningful improvement in the areas that Chaim focused on. While attending college football camps throughout the summer, my son noticed a significant difference in his hips and footwork that better prepared him to compete against other lineman. My son and I would recommend Coach Chaim to anyone interested in taking their game to the next level, and we look forward to continue working with Chaim and his team in the off season!


Ken R:

Great session with Coach C. He was well organized – the session was well laid out and went from basic skills to more difficult, he was well prepared – he had obviously researched drills for JC’s position. We will definitely be doing more sessions with Coach C. (Ken R.)


  • I have been working with Coach Chaim for about a month and a half. On my first session, he assessed my skills, and told me what we/I should work on. Since our first session, I have gained so much speed, and my agility skills have increased. I absolutely love this man and what he has done for me so for! I would definitely recommend training with him.  (Jay K)
  • Coach Chaim has been absolutely amazing. My son was adamant that he wanted to play football this year entering his sophomore year. He also wanted to try out as qb. Although he had played a little bit while younger and although he is very athletic, my son really did not have much knowledge regarding the skills and position. Coach Chaim has been working with him over several sessions to improve his skills and knowledge of the game. My son has really enjoyed it and appears to have progressed to the point where I think he will have at least a shot at the position he wants to play. I can recommend coach Chaim without hesitation and with my utmost enthusiasm. He is worth the money! (Nino)


  • I gotta say I wasn’t planning on doing more than one session with Coach C. Half way through my son’s first session I immediately signed up for 4 more sessions. My boy has played organized football for a very competitive team for three years now. I feel we got a lot more out of just one session in terms of technique, real understanding of growth areas and a clear understanding of the path forward to get my son from just playing to being a competitive player at his position. Well worth the investment. I encourage anyone thinking about Coach C to do the initial session. You will not regret it.  (Stephen M.)



10 great private football coaches in the Northeast


Boston Area

  1. Coach Chaim Andler

Coach Andler has a gold rating on CoachUp and works around the Boston area. Living in a densely populated region such as Boston comes with high levels of competition. Get ahead of your competition and get noticed by one of the many college level programs in the area by using Coach Andler as your football coach this off-season.



Basketball Specific:


Mason Lawson reviewed Boston Athletic Training5 star

Coach Chaim does a great job of pushing you to do your best. He has gotten me ready for varsity level basketball and I can’t wait to take it to the next level. Sticking with Coach Chaim is your best bet in improvement.

(Mason started with me in 2014 and played on the JV + Varsity team at BLA as a freshman in 2018)


  • Coach Chaim is an outstanding coach. His training is excellent and he is very knowledgeable! He’s teaching my son to play with POWER, focusing on finishing STRONG! I’m confident that Coach Chaim will help my son get to the next level. I HIGHLY recommend him. (Nancy – Andrew)


  • Great coaching for basketball. His own skill set is as a fast point guard/shooting guard and he stressed that skill set for my son which was great. He made some solid recommendations for post workout exercises to build up strength and coordination for better ball handling and shooting. Chaim did a good job of pushing hard when right and stopping when right too. Looking forward to more workouts.  (Paul W.)


  • Coach Chaim has been great from the beginning. He promptly replied to us when we reached out and he has been organized and focused and enthusiastic ever since. Our son, 7th grade, has been working with Coach Chaim 1-2 times per week for several months. We see notable improvement and Coach Chaim keeps data to show the progress concretely. It is fantastic. We have had private and semi-private sessions and all have been great! Our son works hard and has fun doing it. He has improved in speed, strength, conditioning and overall agility a lot! He also works on basketball skills with Coach Chaim and loves it!! We recommend Coach Chaim highly and without any reservations!  (Laurel)


  • Coach Chaim is a fantastic coach, he is very motivating and engaging. He quickly noticed the areas in which my son needed improvement and is currently doing a great job in developing those areas. My son has enjoyed working with him these past couple weeks and is always looking forward to the next session. Coach C rocks! (Mini – Chris)


  • Best, most organized session that my son has had. We have had two other coaches and they focused more on volume of shots and drills. Coach Chaim got into the details for the shooting form and then showed with videos what he was trying to explain. Right after the session my son was ready for the next session to start improving. Excellent organization and I would highly recommend.  (David H)


  • Coach Chaim was great. Ian clicked immediately with him and I could tell that they both were having fun. The day after the lesson Ian had a game and I got several emails about how well he played. I know that he is looking forward to working with Coach Chaim to improve his game.  (Martin)


Best Testimonials (Chris and Daylon?)


Brendan Mannion (9/10/2018):


My name is Brendan Mannion and I first met Chaim when I was a senior in High School. At the time I was playing ice hockey and football for my high school team. I have always been passionate about sports but never had the opportunity to have real training even though I had dreams of playing college football. When I first went to Chaim in April my senior year I was planning on going to football camp to try to make a D2 college team in August of that summer. I thought Chaim was going to think I was crazy but he took me on and pushed me to my limits and would not let me quit on myself. His passion and drive motivated me to get to a level I never thought possible. He challenged me mentally and physically to the point where I walked into that college camp in August and made second string left tackle as a freshman walk-on. I continued with Chaim whenever I was home and throughout the summer. His confidence in me helped me to even better my times going into sophomore year camp and I came out of camp as the starting left tackle at Saint Anselm College football team. Chaim’s passion and ability to not only motivate and build confidence but to “make it happen” are undeniable. I thank Chaim and Boston Athletic Training for getting me where I am today and look forward to continue my training with BAT throughout my college career…..

Brendan is currently a sophomore at St Anselm College.  He started in spring ball and was slated to be the starting left tackle in his 2nd season, but torn his meniscus.  He is recovering from surgery and will be back to training in 2019 to get back in prime shape for junior year!


Andy Elkins (9/13/2018):

Coach Chaim has been monumental in my development as an athlete. I started with Chaim at 15 years old and didn’t belong on the football field, because I wasn’t a great athlete. Over 3.5 years he has transformed me into a Division 1 receiver putting up D1 numbers.   My gains were amazing during this stretch. My vertical jump improved by over 20 inches to 35 inches now we got my forty-time down to a 4.6 from my original 5.5 and my shuttle times all improved by 1 full second or more. Nothing has been more helpful than working with Chaim over the years. Whether it was functional work, acceleration drills, bands, ball skills, route running or catching versus contact, he always thought of new ways to push my body to make me more dynamic on the football field. I would absolutely suggest working with Chaim if your dedicated and serious about reaching your true potential and hopefully becoming a Division 1 athlete!  ….


Andy Elkins is a Senior at BBN High School and has committed to play at Wake Forest in 2019! He is also a member of the BAT team now and help train young athletes in his spare time.

Joe Vachonne:

During my time training with Coach Chaim, I made drastic improvements as a football player and an athlete. I started training with Chaim during the spring of 2017 and my first session with him I ended up throwing up due to the fact I was so out of shape because I had been training the wrong ways. In the next coming weeks, Chaim pushed me hard to get to where I needed to be to start making improvements. He sent me personalized workouts I could do on my own and pushed me to my limits. Within a few weeks I was already seeing improvements in my speed, footwork, and ball skills. While not in session Chaim would stay in contact during the week and even make the long trip out to see one of my games this past season. If you’re looking for a great coach who knows his stuff, loves what he does, and cares about his clients, coach Chaim Andler is your guy.


From Coach Up

Jason B. current client since 2012 (Testimonial)

I have worked with Chaim Andler (Coach C) for the past three years. In those three years, as a football player, I have gone from being a soccer player and knowing nothing about the game to playing varsity as a freshman and probably starting as a sophomore. In fact, I originally scheduled sessions with him because I came late to practices at the beginning of the year and had no idea what the game was about. Chaim has been transformational as a coach due, in part, to his exuberant coaching style and the “go get em” attitude but also because of his deep knowledge and understanding of the game. When I started out with him, we did mainly skill oriented stuff because I wasn’t good enough to focus on athleticism yet, but as I got more advanced and skilled, he adapted his training style to help me with speed, explosiveness, and footwork as well as the skills. One of the things I love most about Coach C is that his workout are always new and different to keep it interesting but they also work on your weaknesses to help you improve. My speed has never been great due to my size but under Chaim’s training, my 40 time went from a 7.0 to a 5.4 over the course of our training and it continues to go down. I have worked with many coaches over my football career but Chaim is definitely my best and favorite and I couldn’t imagine a better fit.

JJ was a 3 years starter as an offensive lineman for Milton Academy and was starting on the O-line to begin the year at Bowdoin this fall as a true freshman!