Strength & Conditioning Programs

Our S&C Training Explained:

THE BASICS of any Strength & Conditioning Program include building up the muscles, joints and heart in order to improve our body’s ability to do the tasks we ask the body to complete, weather in sports or in your everyday life.  There are thousand’s of S&C programs out there, so why train with Boston Athletic Training?

THE PROGRAM is not a one size fits all mode.  We evaluate each athlete in various fitness components to assess what kinds of workouts will work best.  As a result of this, we have our athletes on individualized programs to ensure they get the best results from training.  The program is a collaborative one that balances strength training with speed & agility.  This mix of training allows our athletes to get stronger throughout each off-season while still improving in things like speed, jumping and balance.   

“An Individualized Approach to Each Athlete”

THE COACHES include two dedicated and experienced individuals – Chaim and Eli Andler.  As co-coaches (and brothers), they work together to create a collaborative program that balances strength work in the weight room with speed and skills work on the field.  Chaim has been coaching and training for 12 years now and leads the speed/skills sessions on the field.  Eli is the head strength coach of BAT and runs the strength based sessions in the weight room.

Winter Programs are now open for Registration – Read Below!

Youth Strength & Speed Program

We are excited to announce our first Youth S&C Winter Program.  We have run small group S&C sessions prior and have received such great feedback on those sessions that we decided to offer this as a full program (meeting 4x per week).  In these 1 hour group sessions, athletes will be challenged with various strength and speed based exercises including everything from plyometrics and band work to running mechanics and stretching.  The goal of the program is to teach young athletes how to exercise properly, help the achieve new heights with their speed, strength and conditioning and learn how to enjoy a healthy lifestyle of exercise at a young age! With our new rental agreement in Needham, we are excited to offer this program with a consistent schedule and convenient location.  Additionally, athletes are not locked into attending every session, rather parents can sign kids up for each session they want to intend through the 4 months!

Here is all the information regarding dates, locations and cost:

Dates:  12/2 – 3/29 (excludes 12/24 – 1/1)

Days: Mondays and Thursdays from 6:30 – 7:30 PM / Saturday’s from 1 -2  PM  / Sunday’s from 9 – 10 AM                                                                                                                               

Location:  360 Degrees of Fitness and Wellness140 Gould street, Needham, MA, 02494                                                                                                                                                                   

Who: Girls and Boys ages 10-13 


  • Practice Pass (4 Pack) = $260 ($65/session)
  • Part-Time Pass (8 Pack) = $480 ($60/session)
  • 1/4 Season Pass (16 Pack) = $800 ($50/session)
  • Half Season Pass (34 Pack) = $1,320 ($40/session)
  • Full Season Pass (Unlimited) – $2,350 ($30/session)

*Athletes can sign-up for any of the session on our schedule during the winter, but packages must be used through the end of the program (3/29/2019).



Elite Winter Training (HS)

Our Winter Elite HS Program had great success last winter as our athletes made significant progress in both strength (measured by compound lifts) and speed (measured by 40 dash and shuttles).  The winter program emphasizes form and function over the first 3 weeks to ensure our athletes are lifting properly and setting themselves up for success for the coming months.  Following this, we will get into a more complex and scientific lifting routine while also offering 2 speed sessions each week. 

Here is all the information regarding dates, locations and cost:

Dates:  12/2 – 3/29 (excludes 12/24 – 1/1)

Days: M/W/TH from 5:00 – 6:30 PM / Saturday’s from 2:00 – 3:30 PM  / Sunday’s from 10 AM – 12 PM                                                                                                                                  Locations:   1. 140 Gould street, Needham.  (Strength workouts will be held here)                                                                                                                                                                                                            2. 290 Vanderbilt ave, Norwood  (Speed and Skills workouts held here)                                                                                                                                                           

Packages: See prices above from the youth program!

*Athletes can sign-up for any of the session on our schedule during the winter, but packages must be used through the end of the program (3/29/2019).


What makes BAT’s S&C Program so effective:

  1. Body Mechanics – We take a lot at everything from muscular imbalances, muscular deficiencies and overall strength and conditioning levels.  
  2. Best Testing – We utilize the premier tests in all facets to truly evaluate each component of fitness.  This includes strength tests such as Squat and Bench along with broad/vertical jumps.  We take a close look at our athletes speed and agility by using various shuttle tests and the 40 dash. 
  3. Film Study – We take videos of many of the exercises at each session.  Athletes and coaches can then review the film to identify points of emphasis for future sessions.
  4. Collaborative Program – Our training methods are a combination of field workouts and strength sessions.  The program goes through several “periods” that each have their own set goals with the ultimate goal being significant growth in everything related to speed, strength and pliability.
  5. Best Practices – Our goal is to always offer the best methods in our training program.  This means that we use proven stretching modes, activation exercises, bands and much more.   We use medicine balls, Speed belts for added resistance on plyometrics and sprints, Dumbbells when appropriate, weight vests, ankle weights and much more!   

2018 Recap:

The 2018 training season was defined by hard work and gains!  We had 10-15 H.S. athletes consistently training with our knowledgeable coaches.  All of our athletes made gains in the weightroom, with some improving by 25-35% on major lifts such as the Squat, Deadlift, Overhead Press and Bench.  Our athletes also made improvements with linear speed measured by the 40 dash and with their quickness – measured by various shuttles.  Many of our athletes noted vastly improved hip strength and overall explosiveness, leading to several earning varsity spots at the HS level and playing time for our college bound athletes.