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THE BASICS of any Strength & Conditioning Program include building up the muscles, joints and heart in order to improve your body’s ability to do the tasks your bodies need to complete, weather in sports or in your everyday life.  There are Thousand’s of Strength & Conditioning programs out there, so why train with Boston Athletic Training?

BAT’s Strength and Conditioning program is not a one size fits all kind of program.  My experience in school studying the body mechanics combined with over 10 years coaching multiple sports and working with 100’s of athletes in training has allowed me to train kids and adults of all ages with a high rate of effectiveness.  

THROUGH MY experience, focus on body mechanics and consistent research in the field, my program is highly advanced and can help you take your conditioning to the next level.  This includes activating the correct muscles when performing key movements, such as starting and stopping in sprinting and for various lifts/jumps.  

Recap of the key functions of my S&C Program:

  1. Evaluation of your body mechanics, muscular imbalances, muscular deficiencies and overall strength and conditioning levels.  
  2. Best Testing – I utilize the premier tests in all facets to truly evaluate each component of fitness.  This includes the Plank test, Broad/Vertical Jump, Push-up test, 40 yard dash, 100 meter sprint, 400 meter sprint, 300 yard shuttle and the short shuttle.
  3. Film Study – I will take video of many of the exercises we do each session to review film and identify points of emphasis for future sessions.
  4. Collaborative Program – I utilize pieces of several premier programs that I believe have ideal training methods.  The unique part comes where I mix and match these exercises, adapt many of them to fit the client’s body mechanics and come up with new exercises, as well.   
  5. This program utilizes various stretches and activation methods. It also includes: band training, medicine balls, Speed belts for added resistance on plyometrics and sprints, Dumbbells when appropriate, weight vests, ankle weights and more!        

Click here to check out our current program

Speed training can be included as part of the program, but I also offer speed training as a separate program, as many of my athlete’s are strong and in good shape, but would benefit from more speed in their sport! Check out my Speed Page to learn about my proven methods!