Football Program Overview

At BAT, we offer football programs for kids of all ages and skill levels.  Our programs include both skills based work, as well as a football-specific strength and conditioning routine.  Our youngest athletes (8-11 year-olds) focus primarily on skill development at all positions and intro-level speed and agility techniques.  Our middle school kids complete a balance of drills including the agility ladder, plyometric exercises, speed-bands, position specific drills and more.  Lastly, our most intense program is for the high school – college kids. We put them on routines that include 6 workouts per week, but always allow for 1 day off for the muscles/body to heal.  Our oldest athletes will spend the whole winter with the primary focuses of getting bigger, stronger and faster. For the spring, we then shift those athletic gains to the field and begin mixing in skills work.  Lastly, the summer season is all about skills, game situation drills and maintenance of their athletic gains and overall conditioning for their upcoming seasons.

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Basketball Program Overview

At Boston Athletic Training, we offer basketball programs year-round. Our clinics typically cater to those in grades 3 – 8 and run for 8 weeks at a time.  At these 2 hour clinics, we split the kids up into multiple age groups and emphasize teaching the game of basketball and general conditioning, as well. The number of participants usually ranges from 10-20 total athletes per session and we always have 2 coaches for groups of 10 or larger.  The clinics have received great feedback from parents and we continue to make updates to ensure the program gets better every season! For our older kids, we hold intense group training sessions, where athletes will tighten up their skills, compete against each other and work on their vertical jump, explosiveness and speed/agility.  

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