Services Overview:

Boston Athletic Training offers many services including: Private and group sessions for our sports specific training (basketball and football). We also offer private sessions for both strength & conditioning and our speed program with some group programs for those training modes in the summer season.

You can also learn more about the differences between how 1:1 training works versus group based training.

Football Training:  

Football training will include both position-specific fundamentals and strength and conditioning.  We have athletes go through an athletic combine and a basic skills evaluation first and then plan their training accordingly.  Coach Chaim has worked with every position on the football field and at all levels. We have a highly advanced program for improving various skills including: ball skills, route running, blocking, tackling technique, shedding blocks, throwing mechanics and much more.  We have 1:1 and group training available.  Sessions usually include speed, agility and power based exercises to help athletes reach their peak.

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Basketball Training:

At Boston Athletic Training, we will emphasize the basics and work through all the skills to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.  At your trial session, we will do a skills evaluation, as well as some athletic testing to see what kind of athlete you are. There is a strong emphasis on shooting and ball handling drills. We also use multiple pieces of equipment during the session to increase the difficulty.

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Strength & Conditioning:

There are so many S&C programs out there, so why choose BAT? Well, we do something very different than 99% of the programs out there. We don’t have a 1 size fits all approach that you often see, rather we evaluate all of athletes movements and build a custom program fit to their needs.  Coach Chaim has trained athletes of all ages, sizes and abilities and has personally created 100+ custom training plans to help athletes meet their goals.

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Speed training is often lumped in with S&C, but at BAT we have it as a separate service for those athletes who really want to get serious about becoming the fastest and most agile version of themselves.  You may have heard the saying before that “speed kills,” but how you achieve that high level of speed is not as simple as going outside and running sprints, or jogging uphill or the many other crazy variations that I have seen in the past.  Rather, gaining speed and agility is a systematic approach where you use an athlete’s body mechanics and natural abilities and train in such a way that will allow for an athlete to reach a level they never thought possible. We have so many different tools at our disposal at BAT, but the key is your passion and work ethic.  Those athletes who want to be faster and are willing to work for it, will not need to “buy in,” rather they will simply commit and get results.

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