Private Training:

Private training will be 1:1 with Coach Chaim (sport-specific) or Coach Eli (S&C specialist).  All private training begins with a trial session where Chaim will evaluate the client in their sport / training mode.  The client will detail what they hope to achieve with training. At BAT, we offer basketball, football, strength & conditioning and speed specific training sessions.  Once we have an evaluation of the athlete, we can formulate a plan of attack INDIVIDUALIZED to each client.  This is a crucial piece of private training and is one of the many benefits of training with BAT.  We customize everything to the athlete’s specifications. Private training involves a lot of feedback from the coach and some video analysis at most sessions.  We sometimes even have a 2nd coach at these private sessions with no added cost!  Click here to learn more about the individualized approach.

Group Training:

Group training is quite a bit different from private training, but provides so much value to our athletes. Our groups average 3 athletes per session and usually last 75-90 minutes. Generally, we recommend all athletes to begin with a trial session and then usually a 4 pack of private sessions before training in groups.  This way the athlete understands what they need to focus on and we can learn / adapt to the athlete. Most of the time, our middle school and high school aged basketball / football players will prefer group training.  They also benefit the most from these types of sessions since they have to compete with other kids and thus can improve in game-situations. Check out all the benefits of group training below:

Benefits of Group Sessions

  1. Competitive and fun: our athletes ages 13+ nearly always report that they prefer group
  2. Longer sessions: Group sessions average 75 minutes in length
  3. Cost effective: Group sessions average pricing is $60 compared to $90 for private                  



BAT typically runs 1-2 clinics each season.  Check out our current and upcoming clinics here