Athletes recognized for their on-field success:

  • Jake: sophomore at UMass Amherst, plays Defensive End. Jake had 23 tackles as a freshman and already has 30 tackles, 3 sacks and 2 forced fumbles in 2018.
  • JJ (First ever BAT client): earned a spot on Bowdoin’s football team.  He started on the OL in the team’s opener.
  • JC (BAT client since 2012): earned a spot on special teams as a sophomore at RPI.
  • Brendan: earned the starting left tackle position at St. Anselm (out for the year with an injury, but will be back next season to dominate)
  • Andy: Broke his HS team’s single season reception record (56 catches in 8 games), while eclipsing 1000 yards in his senior year. Committed to play for Wake Forest in ’19. 
  • Nate: 2 year starter for Milton Academy heading into his Junior year (’19) 
  • Xzavier: played for Revere Pop Warner in 2018 at 9 years old. Xzavier lead his team in touchdowns (9 in 8 games) and tackles (averaged 10 tackles per game).

Pure Speed Gains (measured by the 40-yard dash):

  • Andy reached a PR with a 4.47, down from 5.5 
  • JC reached a PR with a 4.6, down from a 4.95
  • Joe reached a PR with a 4.66, down from a 5.3
  • Jay reached a PR with a 5.4, down from a 5.85
  • Joseph reached a PR with a 5.05, down from a 5.85
  • Xzavier (youngest footballer in the program) reached a PR with a 6.9, down from a 7.44
  • Liam reached a PR with a 5.6, down from a 6.1

Change of Direction/Agility Gains (measured by various shuttles):

  • Joseph had impressive gains in all of his tests including the 20-yard shuttle, with a reduction from 5.35 to a blistering 4.32, a 1.6 second reduction in his 60-yard shuttle to a 12.8, and lastly a 1.4 second improvement on his 3-cone drill from an 8.8 to a 7.4.
  • Daylon became the 2nd BAT athlete to record a 20 in the lateral shuffle test (20 seconds of lane slides for max reps).  
  • Lance dropped his 3-cone time by a full second and down to a 7.7.
  • Andy dropped his 60-yard shuttle time by .8 seconds to a 12.0 for the 2nd best recorded time at BAT.

Power Improvements (measured by vertical and broad jumps):

  • Brendan increased his broad jump by 9 inches in 2 months.  
  • Chris increased his standing and running vertical by 4.5 and 5.5 inches respectively.    
  • Daylon increased his running vertical by 4 inches.
  • Joseph increased his broad jump by 9 inches.
  • Nate increased his med ball throw by 2.5 yards.
  • Joe increased his broad jump by 7 inches.
  • Xzavier increased his broad jump by 7 inches.